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Primal Rhythm Ensemble:

Is a female drum ensemble based in Cleveland, Ohio. It was created by Sue Balaschak out of a desire to bring her studio CD's to the stage and share the power of the drumming in a live setting. When we drum, we connect our mind, body, and spirit to all living things. The Primal Rhythm Ensemble brings a diverse and talented group of women to the stage to engage the audience in the wave of energy created by drumming.
Primal Rhythm Ensemble Performers Are:
Sue Balaschak (Djembe, Dun Duns)
Sue Balaschak is the creator of Primal Rhythm and a founding member of Burning Sage. She has produced and engineered many CDs and records. She owns her own record label, Fireband Records. Her first CD received rave reviews in national publications and is featured in the Cleveland documentary, "Return of the Cuyahoga" which aired on PBS. Sue has been playing the drums professionally since the age of 12 and has taught drumming since she was 17. She has facilitated drum circles and drum workshops within the Pagan community for the past 20 years. She has taught accredited classes for Licensed Music Therapists. She has facilitated healing circles at Memory Care facilities and has performed journey work. Sue blends her professional musical career and her spiritual life. She lives in Cleveland with three canines, one feline and a turtle, her totem. If she is not drumming, she can be found hiking in the National Parks or on the Appalachian Trail, with her backpack and her dogs. She hosts the show "Drumming Ceremony," an internet radio show that airs on International Pagan Radio on Sundays.
Dawn Fritz Heartsong (Percussion,)
Dawn Fritz Heartsong plays percussion in numerous bands, performing music from kirtan to folk to tribal rock. She plays various instruments including Djembe, tabla, banakula, and cajon.
In addition to Primal Rhythm, Dawn has also been a member of the rock band Burning Sage, kirtan band Bhakti Rain, and folk bands Heartsong and Dads & Daughters.
Dawn is also a Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Reflexologist, and believes strongly in the power of music to heal. She lives in Olmsted Township, Ohio, with her musician wife, Mallory, two dogs, and three cats.
Michelle Clark (Dun Duns)
Michelle's musical journey began with mandated music lessons in the 4th grade. However in the 70's, girls weren't encouraged to be drummers so she was handed a clarinet and went on to perform as a woodwind player until she graduated.
It wasn't until decades later that the need to find peace led her to discovering the healing effects of the drum. A simple computer store hosting a very intimate drum circle would become her answer.
Today, Michelle can be found holding down a drum circle at a street fair, backing up poets at an intimate cafe or performing high energy rhythms with several musical projects. Currently her focus involves a group of women all playing percussion, Primal Rhythm. This is Michelle’s second round with the band and the vibrations are even higher.
Besides being one of the many voices that shape Primal Rhythm, Michelle can be found working throughout NE Ohio in the form of holistic services & vibrational therapies. Making a perfect marriage between her two passions, Reiki & Rhythm, she hopes to continue this well on into her retirement years.

PrimalRhythm@juno.com 216-319-0703