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Primal Rhythm Songs and Video
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Primal Rhythm 1
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Simulates the experience of a powerful drum circle. Grab your own drum and play along. For beginners, the first 3 tracks are "call and response", allowing you to practice your ear-training and rhythm-matching skills. Followed by 6 drum circle tracks. Many listeners have found this CD beneficial during dance/movement and yoga.
The Niner Live Performance

Primal Rhythm 2
$13 & free shipping!

Is an excellent tool for beginning, intermediate, and advanced hand drummers and percussionists. Picking up where Primal Rhythm 1 left off, this CD highlights the use of Dun Duns alongisde the Djembe to engage listeners and performers alike. Layered rhythms are crisp and clean for those seeking to pull out a new part to learn.
Tribal Live Performance
Excerpts from a Moloch review of Primal Rhythm 2:
This CD is awesome musically as well as for hand practice, counting time, and slamming some skins. O's is one of those songs that speaks to your soul. There's a primal thump going on in this song & it reminds me of blood pumping through the veins. Hessler...gives you the feeling there's a whole group of drummers playing inside a very large cave. 49 is a great opportunity to grab your djembe, ashiko or dumbek and pound away to your heart's content. I highly recommend this CD for either cruising down the road in the CD player, as background at the office, music for ritual or mini-spells/chants, or just because you got the itch to bang a bit on your instrument. Hell, I've plugged in my Tele and ripped a few leads to the songs here so it works as a play along CD. I give it five out of five stars because it is GOOD. Get a copy & enjoy!

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