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Dive into Drumming

Ride the wave of energy created by drumming! Expand your connection between yourself, your drum and Mother Earth's energy. We will discuss the spirit of the drum, drumming techniques, basic rhythms, and raising energy at drum circles. This is an introductory drumming class. Drummers of all levels are welcome. Bring your drum and a chair (for outdoor workshops).

How'd they do that? Advanced Hand Drumming

Ever wonder how some drummers play such cool rhythms? Well, let me show you. This workshop will provide you with the tools and confidence to allow your own personality to speak through your drum. We will discuss advanced drumming techniques, syncopated rhythms, dynamics, and exercises to improve your skills. Prior drumming experience recommended. Bring your drum, a chair and your questions.
Drum Lessons

Come as a beginner or brush up your skills on djembe or drum kit. Private lessons offered to adults and children.

Drum Circles

Drumming taps into our inner being by connecting our energy with the sound waves of the universe. Music is organized sound. Sound is the oscillating energy current that flows through every living thing. As energy flows, so does spirit. When we drum, we connect our mind, body, and spirit to all living things and open ourselves to peace and harmony. Drumming starts as entertainment and becomes a powerful healing experience.
In a drum circle, each drummer adds their voice to create an orchestra of sound. Together we will play foundation rhythms that create the pulse. The pulse becomes the driving force of the energy. Counter rhythms are added to give the circle a unique personality and allow for creative expression. Join Sue as she guides the circle to experience the energy drumming has to offer.
Drum Journeys and Guided Meditation

In a drum journey, participants lie or sit comfortably in a quiet, dimly lit room while the facilitator plays a steady beat. The sound of the drum is a powerful heart beat that guides participants into a meditative, subconscious state. Journeyers have felt shamanic healing energy, seen past life images, received inspirational messages, or simply experienced deep relaxation. Guided meditations provide direction throughout the journey to assist participants on their path.

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